Health Interests

What are Fibroid Tumors?
Center for Uterine Fibroids
Alternatives in Gynecology

Answers to FAQs about Hysterectomy
Hysterectomy - Is it really necessary?    (the case against...)
Suney's Happy Hysterectomy Page    (the case for...)
Hormone Replacement Therapy    (needed after a total, but not a partial hyst)

Rosacea FAQs
National Rosacea Society
Rosacea Review
About Rosacea
Rosacea Support
Rosacea LTD III

Alcohol Intolerance
The myth about burning off alcohol in cooking
Timing for burning off alcohol in various cooking methods

Step-by-step Yoga postures   (very thorough explanation of doing each one)
Sanskrit and English Names for Yoga Postures
Yoga Asanas (categorizes them down by standing, seated, and lying-down)
Preparation for Yoga     (dos and don'ts)
Keyboard Yoga     (stretches to do at your desk, while in your chair)    
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