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My Herbalism Papers
Antidote Anecdotes: Medieval Poison Prevention

Herbs for the Medieval Kitchen & Garden

Plants in the Medieval Garden

My Favorite Medieval Herbs

An Overview of Spices in the Age of Exploration

Primary Sources for Period Herbal Research
Leonard Fuchs Botanical at Yale (1545)

Ps. Apuleius Herbal at the Bodleian Library (1070-1100)

Dioscorides Herbals extracts (11th Century)

The Englishmans Doctor (1608)

English Leachcraft and Physick (15th Century)

Nicolas Culpeper's
The English Physician (1652)

Culinary Gleanings from John
Gerard's Herball (1633)

Islamic Medical Manuscripts

Inventory of Charlemagne's Estates (9th Century)

Malleus Maleficarum (1486)

John Baptista Porta's Natural Magick (1658)

Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum (12th-13th Century)

Tacuinum Sanitatis - text (14th-15th Century

Tacuinum Sanitatis - images

Selected Research Websites
Consumption of Spices and Their Costs in Late-Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Grieve's A Modern Herbal

Gardening and Herbal Arts links

Jadwiga's Links on Online Herbal Resources

Jadwiga's Herbalism Class Handouts

An Illustrated Herbal

Antiqua Medicina

EastRealm Herbal Guild newsletter,

MidRealm Prohibited Herbs

History of Western Biomedicine

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages

PDR's Getting Well Network (Physicians' Desk Reference)
Mayo Clinic
PubMed National Library of Medicine
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