Baroness Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina
Barony of Thescorre, Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Curriculum Vitae
Cooking Accomplishments:
* Researched, organized, and prepared over a dozen feasts - including a coronation banquet for
      175 gentles; Taught pasta-making and bread-making in the kitchen during several events.

* Mentored and/or provided period food research for 20+ feasts

* Provided scullery help, rescued recipes (taught cooks how to make a roux, how to properly sauté
      mushrooms, safely slice meat, etc.), decorated dishes, and served food at dozens of feasts

Classes Taught:
An Overview of Spices in the Age of Exploration (Rapier Academy)

Turkish Garb: An Overview of Female Ottoman Clothing (College of Three Ravens)

How to Plan Feasts People will Actually Eat (College of Three Ravens)

An Overview of Renaissance Kitchen Equipment (Serve It Forth! food history symposium)
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* No Eels, Please! Non-Weird Period Food (College of Three Ravens)

Creepy Cuisine, or, Yes Some Period Food IS Weird (Sterlynge Vayle Schola, 3 Ravens)

Gode Cookery Sytes: How to Research Medieval Food If You Have No Period Cookbooks...
    and No Money to Buy Any (Ęthelmearc Academy)

New World vs. Old World Foodstuffs (Rapier Academy, several Artisan Forums)

* Breadmaking demonstration with Overview of Period Bread History class (several demos)

Comparing & Choosing Medieval Cookbooks (War Practice)

Medieval Pasta - History, Preparation, and Recipes (UWEKAT, College of Three Ravens)

Useful Internet Websites for Medieval Food Research (several Artisan Forums)

Antidote Anecdotes: Medieval Poison Prevention (Concoction of Cooks)

* Overview of Medieval Spices (several Artisan Forums)

Herbs for the Medieval Kitchen & Garden (Rochester Museum & Science Center)

Plants in the Medieval Garden (Thescorre social meeting)

Simple Group Middle Eastern Dances (Sterlynge Vayle Schola and College of Three Ravens)

A Gode Grocery List : what food was prepared in an English Medieval kitchen, and how did it get there? (College of Three Ravens)

* Medieval Spices show-smell-and-tell (College of Three Ravens)

Papers Written for Publication:
The Winding Road to A Persona (How I Became A Khazar) (Thescorre's newsletter, Fewmet)

Gode Cookery Sytes (quarterly SCA food journal Serve It Forth!)

Comparing & Choosing Medieval Cookbooks (Serve It Forth)

Is Honey Butter Period? (Fewmet)

Sviatki - Period Russian Holiday Food (Fewmet)

* Kitchen Catastrophes (Serve It Forth!)

* Food In the Middle Ages (Fewmet)

* My Favorite Medieval Herbs (Fewmet)

A&S Competitions:
* 2002 - named the Baroness' Favorite for "First Attempts" A&S Competition at College of Three
       Ravens (my first scroll  illumination)

* 2002 - won the Ice Dragon "Main Dish" category with
Tart in Ymber Day and "Research Paper"
       category with
An Overview of Renaissaince Kitchen Equipment   (PDF)

* 1999 - won the Arts competition at Sergeants & Yeomen with
Banbury Cake

* 1998 - won the Ice Dragon "Side Dish" category with
Dish of a Gourd Resembling A Fish
       and "Subtlety" category with
To Make Sturgyn.

* 1997 - won the Ice Dragon "Main Dish" category with

* 1996-1997 - received three Raven Pins for winning A&S competitions at Thescorre mini-scholas for a subtlety redaction, a discussion of period poisons, and an overview of my feast research.

Offices Held
* Pennsic 32 Publications Editor (Pre-Pennsic and Onsite Books)
* Thescorre drop-dead deputy Seneschale: July 2002 to present
* Ęthelmearc Kingdom Archivist: September 2000 to present
* Ęthelmearc Kingdom Waiver Secretary: January 2002 to present
* Former Thescorre Co-Chronicler of Fewmet: December 2001 to September 2002
* Former Thescorre Seneschale: 1997-1999 (duties included running a baronial election)

Other Service
* Co-founder, Ęthelmearc Cooks Guild, January 2002 (I created and currently maintain its

* Teach
Middle Eastern dance at monthly practices in the Barony of Thescorre
       (since 2000). I also led monthly dance practices in the Shire of Hartstone in 2001.

* Judged research papers for 2003 Ice Dragon A&S Pentathalon

* Judged perfumery, baked items, side dishes, subtleties, herbology, and non-alcoholic beverages
       at the 2002 Ice Dragon A&S Pent

* Judged herbalism, research papers, and all five culinary categories at the 2001 Ice Dragon.

* Pennsic service: Over the past 15 years, I've volunteered with the Woods Battle waterbearers,
     Troll, A&S Point, Chirurgeon's Point, and as a Royal Encampment gate guard. I served for
     three years on Pennsic Services Staff (admin. assistant to Master Devon). I have agreed to do the
     preregistration and on-site booklets for Pennsic 32 in 2003.

* Participated in numerous academic and public demos in Thescorre and other groups.

* Co-taught several classes on Medieval food and/or gardening at the Rochester Museum & Science
      Center as part of the ongoing adult education program.

* Participated in several special Medieval dance performances at SCA events, museum demos, and
      public demos.

* Participated as a non-singing performer with RavenSong at two choir performances. (I operated a
      fox puppet for "Tomorrow The Fox" and was a dancing nymph in "The Lustie Month of May")

* As a member of the Ęthelmearc Biscuit Cutters Guild, I have helped bake and decorate "vigil
     cookies" in the shape of pelicans, knights, & laurel wreaths for various vigil receptions since 1997.

* Prepared and volunteered food for various kingdom haflas, Queen's Teas, or other formal parties
     or receptions at several Pennsics since 1998.

* Prepared one day's breakfast and dinner for the entire Ęthelmearc Royal Encampment during the
      reign of Cygnus and Dorinda I, 1999.

Awards Received:
Laurel - Society Order for Arts & Sciences
Pelican with Patent of Arms - Society Order for Service
Fleur d'Ęthelmearc - kingdom Order of High Merit for Arts & Sciences
Millrind with Grant of Arms - kingdom Order of High Merit for Service
Sycamore - kingdom Order of Merit for Arts & Sciences
Keystone - kingdom Order of Merit for Service
Raven's Feather - baronial order for service, arts, and martial endeavors
Sigil - service to the Crown
Award of Arms
Raven's Egg - personal token from the baron & baroness
* Gold
Cauldron Bleu Spoon and Peppergrinder - baronial cooks guild recognition for excellence in
         period cooking research and feast preparation

Heraldic Arms:
Azure, three catamounts sejant guardant argent and a bordure argent semy of stars of David azure.

Medieval cooking & baking, herbalism & herbal medicine, Middle Eastern dancing, Turkic garb and jewelry, Medieval dancing, Khazar persona and history research, crossbow & target archery, fencing,  drumming, calligraphy & illumination, pottery, equestrian practices, chirurgeonate studies.
visitors since August 2001
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