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The Khazaria Info Center

Maps of Khazaria

Archives of the Khazaria listserv on the Medieval Kingdom of Khazaria

Khazarian Names for SCA use

The Khazars

The Red Khaganate

Karaims of Crimea

Turkistan newsletter entry on Khazars

Turkic Republics (including Khazaria)

Are Mountain Jews Descended from Khazars?

Jews of Poland (with Khazar history)

Jewish Warriors website

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook webpage

History of the Jews in Poland (with history of Khazars)

Jewish National and University Library

Jewish History in Turkmenistan: An Overview (includes Khazars)

The Slavic Interest Group homepage

The Medieval Russian Knowledge Page

Centre for Russian Studies (with Khazar history)

Russian and East European Studies

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