Research for Period Turkish & Khazar Clothing
(or, the ongoing challenge to document my persona's garb...)

Turkish Garb: An Overview of Ottoman Women's Clothing
(a February 2008 class with images and resources)

Costumes of Various Styles of Oriental Dance

Near- and Middle-Eastern Costume Sites Worth Seeing

Near- and Middle-Eastern Costume Bibliography

Ottoman Traders Guild Costume Definitions

Plates of Oriental Costumes

The Red Khaganate - garb of the Steppes nomads, but Mongols influenced Khazaria...

National Costumes of the Mongolians

Cariadoc's Notes on Islamic Clothing

13th Century Andalusian Costume

A Turkish Lady's Ensemble --  later period for me, but useful nonetheless

Clothing notes from
Social Life Under the Abbasids (8th-10th Century)

6th-7th Century Persian
Sasanian Clothing

Turkish Clothing and Women's Wear

The Bellydance Museum -- paintings, photos, and other images of Turkish clothing

Turkestani Coats

Women's Headdresses in Turkish Folklore

Old Istanbul Fashion

Costume in al-Maghrib in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods

Muslim & Middle Eastern Clothing, Jewelry, Makeup

Seljuk Female Clothing & Patterns
Katja's Middle Eastern Garb Page
Katja's Middle Eastern Dance webpage
Katja's Khazar webpage
Chris' webpage...
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