Myriad Geek Links

Internet Movie Database
nvaluable for looking up those niggling movie title questions...

Kevin Smith's
News Askew

"Harry's Website," Ain't It Cool News

The Geek Hierarchy

The Messy Canvas -  the wonderfully irreverent ponderings of my friend Bryan

The Wolkes, the website of another great friend from college, Fred

LA Engine Computer Services, my brother Luke's company

Dumb Laws
(Gems like this one from Nebraska: "If a child burps during church, his parent may be arrested.")

(Silly laws and highway lore of Connecticut, my homestate)

Urban Legends & Folklore

The Top 100 Things Every Evil Overlord Should Know

So, you've decided to be an Evil Overlord? Here's help
Planning Your Evil Plan

The True Story of the Rocket Car
(Flat out, one of the two funniest things I've ever read)

Dogs in Elk
(The other funniest thing... no, actually, this is even BETTER)

Peeps Research!
(I had tears in my eyes long before I got to the section on low-pressure tests)

The Secret Ring Diaries
(LotR fans: you MUST read the Ring Wraith entry...)

Barbarian Test Pages

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

The Official Star Wars Site

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