Grendel, with appropriate Matt Wagneresque mask, fencing at Pennsic War 31, Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA, August 2002. (left)

Portia's caricature of Grendel  (below)
Grendel retaining for Their Excellencies Cedric and Peregrine, Baron and Baroness of Thescorre, at Pennsic 31, August 2002. (below)
Don Eric Grenier de Labarre, AKA Grendel

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Eric in New Orleans before our stay at Gulf Wars XX, standing in the Plaza des Armes, March 2000. (left)
Eric examining the engagement ring he just surprised me with and put on my finger, Christmas 2001, at Deanna's house. (below, right)
A smug Eric and an unusually tongue-tied Chris. (right)
Grendel and Katja at Deanna's on a very chilly fall day after Crown Tourney, 2000. (left)