Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina of Robakovna

   Pelican Elevation
(also known as "the Disney Parade")
Ice Dragon, March 15, 2003
Barony of Rhydderich Hael
(Buffalo, NY))
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(All photos thanks to
Mistress T'svee'a)

First, Devon began the ceremony (that's him in Mongol garb) by begging a boon of Their Majesties. (left)

Next, my herald for the day, Lord Bressal, announced the, uh, procession. Yeah, that's what it was, right... (below)
My handsome husband, Don Eric Grenier de Labarre (AKA Grendel) led the procession, proudly bearing my banner.

Following him are several bellydancers, including my lovely protege-sister, Lady Mina.

What the photos aren't conveying is the sheer RACKET of drummers, dancers, gentles playing horns and kazoos, etc.
Besides the dancers and drummers, I had friends in the procession carrying large kitchen spoons and crossbows (Why? Because Cedric offered them at the spur of the moment, why not?) and just generally lots of nifty folks in spiffy outfits.

These included (at right, from left) the splendidly attired Lady Portia, Baron Master Charles O'Connor, Master Charles of Alden, Lady Yasmina, and Lady Mina.

Besides the Robakovna banner and my banner, the Sharc Pit banner also made an appearance, born by the spiffily dressed Don Aldan Kerr.