Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina

   Pelican Elevation, Page  #2
...And here I am, flinging bulls-eye caramels at the roaring crowd while freaking out and laughing my fool head off.  Aren't I the picture of a dignified and serious Peer? <The appropriate response is a Spockian raised eyebrow...>
Did I mention that this whole nutty procession was Devon's idea, and he was inspired by the Prince Ali Abagwa procession scene in the animated Aladdin film????

(Baron Master Charles O'Connor kindly soothed my research-nut concerns by pointed out that he actually COULD document such a procession in period, but that's another story...)

Daedez (AKA Mistress Daedra), dressed in the garb of Dark Horde Moritu, is leading the "camel" and uttering Mongol commands used to direct horses.

My handsome "cabana boys" - Lord Eldjarn, Lord Klaus, and Raibert - are carrying me through the crowd into Court.  (Lord Ardal is on the other side of the camel, unseen.)

Baron Steffan is behind us, bearing the banner of his and Mistress Michaele's household, House Robakovna. (Michaele was my Laurel, my other boss/ mentor besides Devon. You'll see her in upcoming photos.)

The camel was "born" about 10 years ago as a surprise to bear Baroness Sadira out of Thescorre Court when she and Baron Saleem stepped down from the Baronage. At that time, the camel was Carmella the Brown.

Carmella then disappeared for several years - and resurrected right before Ice Dragon (due to many, many hours of repair work by Devon, Daedra, Lord Ulric, and Lady Katrina, and probably also Lady Bryn and Lord Caradawc) as Carmella the White, or that's what they told me.
(Yup, we just went from a Disney cartoon to Lord of The Rings. This is your brain. This is your brain on Thescorre. Any questions?)

The tossing-carmels bit was my idea, since I knew that I had to do something to distract me while sitting in that sedan chair or I would just hide in an embarrassed ball on the seat. I was quite concerned that folks would think I was "putting on airs" if I sat up there like I thought I was Royalty and waved to the crowd. Plus, the cook in me smacked me in the head and informed me that I had to feed those poor people sitting through a long Court...

...Okay, yes, it WAS a
lot of fun to be carried into Court in this silly, schticky fashion, to be able to see things in Court for once, and to know (even though I was deeply mortified at all the hoopla over me) that the entire audience was laughing and thoroughly enjoying this pageantry. A number of people told me and Eric afterward that they truly loved the Court antics, especially the "largesse" I distributed.

In other words, the elevation was FUN for everyone, not stuffy, or boring, or exclusive. It was a magical SCA moment.

And it was all due to many dear, wonderful friends. <grin>

(All photos thanks to Mistress T'svee'a and Baroness Peregrine)
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