Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina

   Pelican Elevation, Page  #3
Daedez ordered the camel to stop when we reached Their Majesties, then made it back up... accompanied by the obligatory schoolbus beep-beep-beep noises, of course.

I'm grinning because I was
greatly relieved that the gentlemen managed to put me down gently without spilling me out of the seat!

Here, you can see Ardal on the back "foot" of Carmella.
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Devon gallantly helped me step out of the camel, then presented me to Their Majesties, Rurik & Elspeth...

Below, that's Baroness Angelik, Her Ladyship Giuletta, and Master Edmund behind the thrones.
Photos courtesy of Mistress T'svee'a and Baroness Peregrine
Yipes! This is really happening!!!! Yipe Yipe Yipe....