Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina of Robakovna

   Laurel Elevation
Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon
March 19, 2005
Barony of Rhydderich Hael
(Buffalo, NY))
Photos of the Laurel "scroll" cookbook created by the talented scribes of Thescorre

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On a very rainy, cold day in early December 2004, I was in Court at the Rhydderich Hael's baronial investiture so that I could hand over my kingdom office to Her Ladyship Georg Ann after serving the kingdom for four years. I told Georg that she was my second-most-favorite person at the moment (for taking my job), handed her a binder of archival materials, bowed to Their Majesties, and ran laughing maniacally down the aisle out of the hall.

Heh heh. Mission accomplished.

Or so I thought.

That's because the Royal buggers well and truly got me.

They were elevating Elianora to the Laurel (yay!!!!), and Steffan, Roberta, and I were up near the dias with a bunch of other folks helping out with the ceremony. It was pretty darn funny... "Is there
a farthingale?" "Is there a bumroll?" as one by one, we brought up pieces of her Elizabethan outfit and dressed her from shift and underwear out.

They announced she was now a Mistress of the Order, so Steffan and I honked the goose horns of Robakovna, then processed out of the hall so that the Order of the Laurel could greet her and we wouldn't be there inappropriately (neither of us were Laurels).

I got through the doorway and into the hallway outside Court and was caught by Master Broome, who apologized profusely to me for, earlier in the day, mistakenly asking me to "talk to the other Laurels" about someone he thought should be a candidate. I laughed once again, told him please please please not to be freaked out or embarassed -- I wasn't offended, I was getting used to the bewildering gaff at this point, and  people who had attended and even *participated* in my Pelicanning the last time Rurik was on the throne kept thinking I'm a bay leaf, not a bird.

Suddenly, Mairghread grabbed me and said, "They're calling your Order back in again!" "What, they're calling in the Pelican now?" I said, then shook my head, laughed again when I realized that SHE had just made the same bloody mistake as Broome, and gently gave her my pat answer: "No, sweetie, I'm hard working, not talented. See?" while holding out my medallion, "Bird in frying pan, not a wreath."

Nivah was standing nearby and piped up, "Sorry to sound stupid, but what's the difference?" You're *not* stupid," I said, and launched into my How To ID A Peer explanation...

...and then it occured to me that I'd just heard my name called out in Court.


I've already stepped down as Archivist so I have no more business in Court, they're finished the Knighting and the Laurel elevation so it's the end of Court, they just called back in the Laurel....

Oh. My. God.

Yipes! They wouldn't!!?? Not yet, right? I *just* got the bird. It should be years...

I sort of poked my head around the corner into the hall and said (really intelligently I might add) "What?"
At which point, my gorgeous, s***-eating-smiling, exasperated husband Eric strode over, grabbed my arm, and half-dragged, half-pushed me ahead of him down the aisle and up to the dias where Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and the Royalty from Ealdormere and the MidRealm sat.

I stood there at the bottom of the steps and yelped, "I didn't do it!"

King Rurik: "Yes, you did."

Oh, yeah, Crowns. Court. Etiquette.

Bow, you moron. You're a Peer. You're an example to others.

Deep bow, wave to the Royals, attempt to stand up and look all Peerish. "Hi, Your Majesties, what's going on?"

Rurik: "You. Up here." Pointed at his and Queen Angelik's feet.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Walk up the stairs without tripping, check.
Bow to Their Majesties, check.
Bow to all the other lids... oh crud, do I bow to our kingdom's Heirs first or the visiting Royals first? What's the Order of Precedence here?
Sod it, just bob up and down from left to right, facing everyone in turn, and the heck with it if I get it out of order. They'll understand that my brain is not firing entirely normally, right?

Kneel, good, kneeling. Remember, be Peerish, don't say the first stupid thing that comes to mind.

Rurik: "All righty then. Like I was saying when you LEFT the room, you've done a lot in kitchens. So, We want you to contemplate your elevation to the Laurel and give us your answer at Ice Dragon."

"But I'm cooking for Roberta's vigil at Ice Dragon. That's *her* day!"

Hey, didn't I JUST say NOT to warble the first thing that pops into your pea brain? Be grateful, you git. They want to make you a double Peer for some reason.

Oh, my, God. Double Peer. Laurel. Okay, my brain is going bye-bye now.

Rurik, rolling his eyes and looking as exasperated as a person can look.  "Welllll, if we're going to INCONVENIENCE you..."

Malik, King of Ealdormere: "I'll help you."

Malcolm, Prince of AEthelmearc: "Me, too."

...I suppose one of the signs of intelligence is to realize when you are cornered and accept defeat as gracefully as possible.

Stand up, hug Their Majesties... Angelik is looking like a cat that just ate a whole bunch of mice. Lots and LOTS of mice.

Mob o' people -- must be Laurels? Laughter. Dragged sideways out of Court by someone, Aleea, I think? Lots of hugs and smiling faces. Chortles. "Ha-ha, now you'll have to go to ANOTHER meeting!"

Warm, very recognizable hug from behind. Look up into Grendel's adoring, proud, grinning face.

Damn sneaky husband. Have to watch him more closely from now on...

Being the Report of the Court of Their Royal Majesties, Rurik and Angelik, King and Queen of AEthelmearc, with Their Majesties, Malik and Genevieve, King and Queen of Ealdormere and Their Excellencies, William and Kiersey, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael in attendance.  Court held on March 19, AS 39 (2005) at the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon in Their Barony of the Rhydderich Hael.  Giulietta da Venezia, Reporting Herald, with the assistance of THLady Matilda
Bosvyle de Belle Aqua and Her Excellency, Patrikia Maria Agrissa Sgourina.

Their Majesties called forth the Most Noble Order of the Laurel and asked whether it was still the Order's wish to have a certain candidate among them.  Having received an affirmative answer, Their Majesties called forth Don Lyev Davidovitch...

All at once, the sounds of drums and cannons was heard in the hall, and the populace was pelted with sweets.  It appeared that a band of pirates had descended upon the court!  However, upon closer inspection, Their Majesties wisely discerned that it was, in fact, THLady Roberta McMorland presenting herself as directed.  Their Majesties asked Her Ladyship whether she would proceed with her ceremony.  After receiving the Dread Pirate's assent, Their Majesties heard the words of His Excellency, Sir Edmund Dracatorr; Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina; Her Excellency, Mistress Isabeau de l'Isle; Master Brendan Brisbane; and Her Royal Majesty, Genevieve, Queen of Ealdormere, all of whom spoke highly of Roberta...

More drums were heard from far off Eastern lands, and gentles did process into Their Majesties' Presence.  After surveying the newcomers, but not finding the gentle They sought, Their Majesties did demand of Don Eric Grenier de Labarre the whereabouts of his lady wife, Dame Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina.  Don Eric had a closer look, and did discern his lady wife mingling incognito amongst the pirates, wearing very odd clothing.  He did proceed to remove the offending garments from her body, whereupon Dame Katja's mother proceeded to dress her appropriately for the occasion.  After receiving her assent to her elevation, Their Majesties received the wisdom of His Excellency, Master Robin Wallace; Her Excellency, Mistress Daedra McBeth a Gryphon; Her Grace, Meirwen uerch Owein; and Mistress Roberta McMorland, Their Majesties agreed that Katja should indeed be numbered among the
Laurels.  They invested her with the wreath and aba of her new station, and allowed His Excellency, Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg and His Excellency, Master Devin Adair Bartholomy the honor of placing the medallion about her neck.  After receiving Katja's Oath of Service, Their Majesties created her a Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel.  Scroll in form of a cookbook titled "How to Serve the Populace of AEthelmearc" by Don Eric Grenier de Labarre; Lord Caradawc Mendwr; Lady Khazima bint Hakim; Lady Pleasance de Coignieres; Mistress Roberta McMorland; Lady Portia de Sancto Lucianno; Lord Eldjarn the Thoughtful; Lady Alessandra Bentivegna da Faenza, called Yasmina; Lady Bryn ni Mac Rose; and Her Excellency, Mistress Daedra McBeth a Gryphon..