Society for Creative Anachronism links

General SCA links:

SCA corporate webpage
Kingdom of AEthelmearc webpage
Barony of Thescorre webpage
Fencing webpage
Pennsic War webpage
Useful links about Pennsic camping, packing, cooking, etc.
Florilegium archives
Search Forms for the SCA Armorial
Rolls Ethereal webpage

Medieval Research Links:

The Medieval Review (of Bryn Mawr)
ORB - The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
NetSERF - The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Cornell Library Digital Collections
International Center of Medieval Art (The Cloisters)
COPAC - merged online catalogues of UK libraries
Library of Congress online catalogue
Virtual Library Museums
Concordances of Great Books
British Library publications
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Development of Civilization - the
Medieval World
Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
The Crusades
Geoffrey Chaucer

Camping, etc.
Tom Rettie's Homepage
Spiffing Up Your Campsite
Trestle Table
Break-Down Panel Chests
Disguising A Cooler
French Medieval Art
Medieval Wedding Links
Renaissance Wedding Site

Scribal Links:
Durer's Apocalypse
Cyber Scriptorium
Articles on Scribal Arts
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
Lindisfarne Gospels
Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
NixNet Medieval Manuscripts links page
Book and Manuscript Art links
Manuscripts list
Netherlands Library
Bodleian Library manuscript links
Gutenberg Digital
Le Tres Riche Heures du Duc de Berry
Medieval Manuscript Leaves
The Royal Library, Copenhagen
HMML Manuscript Images
Medieval Manuscripts in Facsimile
Historical Fonts to Download
The Fonts Zone
NetSERF Medieval Manuscripts
Dutch Book of Hours -- photos from U of Ill
Art Lover's Guide to Britain and Ireland
The Medici Archive Project
Medieval Greeting Cards

Garb links:
Medieval Clothing Pages - articles and essays of interest
Lining a Kirtle the Easy Way article
Archives of
SCA-Garb listserv
How-To Links to garb of various times and places
Cotehardies homepage
Footware of the Middle Ages
Elizabethan Costuming webpage
Costuming History at the Costumer's Manifesto
The Costume Page - Costuming Resources Online
Wardrobes of the Known Worlde, Unlocked -- "When do you want to go today?"
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