Katja's Research Papers/Class Handouts
Classes & Papers on Food History

Frugal Feasts: Cost-Cutting Lunch & Dinner Ideas

How to Plan Feasts People Will Actually Eat

An Overview of Spices in the Age of Exploration

From Turnips to Turkey: The Development of Medieval Cuisine into Renaissance Cuisine

An Overview of Renaissance Kitchen Equipment
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Is Honey Butter Period?

No Eels, Please! Non-Weird Period Food

Creepy Cuisine ...or, Yes, Some Period Food Is Weird

Gode Cookery Sytes: Researching Medieval Food If You Have No Period Cookbooks... & No Money to Buy Any

New World vs. Old World Foodstuffs

Comparing & Choosing Medieval Cookbooks

Medieval Pasta - History, Preparation, and Recipes

Useful Internet Websites for Medieval Food Research


Kitchen Catastrophes

Food in the Middle Ages

Redactions for A&S Competitions and Artisan Forums/Demos

Tart in Ymbre Day

To Make Fine Cakes

Payn Ragoun

To Make Sturgyn

Recipe for a Dish of Gourd Resembling Fish


To Make Banbury Cake

Excellent Small Cakes


Feast Menus & Research

2019 College of Three Ravens lunch

2017 Pax Interruptus

2017 College of Three Ravens

2015 Pax Interruptus

AEthelmearc Spring AEcademy

Seven Pearls Dinner, July 31, 2013, Pennsic 42

College of Three Ravens, February 16, 2013

College of Three Ravens, February 4, 2012 (I did lunch, Lady Elzbieta redacted and is the fabulous head cook)

College of Three Ravens, February 26, 2011

Fall Coronation of Christopher & Morgen II, September 20, 2008

Fall Coronation of Robin & Isabeau, September 24, 2005

Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, February 12, 2005 (Grendel co-cook)

College of Three Ravens, February 28, 2004 (co-head cook with my husband!)

Fall Crown Tourney, October 11, 2003

OUR WEDDING! September 6, 2003 (No, before you shake your head, I didn't get to cook this... I just planned the menu and did
the research)

Wedding Feast of Cerridwen & Alessandro, May 26, 2001

Spring Coronation of Morguhn & Meirwen, March 31, 2001

AEthelmearc Academy, Nov. 13, 1999

Wedding of Peregrine & Cedric, Sept. 11, 1999

Horses' Brawl, June 19, 1999

Wedding of Morgaine & Gideon, May 1, 1999

College of Three Ravens, Feb. 6, 1999

Wedding of Ashley & David, June 20, 1998

The Event Formerly Known As UWEKAT, Feb. 7, 1998

AEthelmearc's Second Crown Tourney (lunch), Oct. 11, 1997

Baronial Champs, April 26, 1997

Sergeants & Yeomen, Oct. 19, 1996

Boy Scout Demo Feast, May 11, 1996

University of the Western East Kingdom at Thescorre (UWEKAT), March 2, 1996

Notable Feast Mentoring/Other Cooking:

College of Three Ravens, February 26, 2005 (mentored head cooks)
Serf 'n' Turf III, October 2001 (provided research for feast)
A Concoction of Cooks, April 7, 2001 (member of Iron Chef competition team)
Pax Interruptus, July 7, 2001 (mentored head cook)
College of Three Ravens, February 3, 2001 (provided research for lunch)
Rime of the Ancient Viking, Fall 2000 (provided menu advice to head cook)
Serf 'n' Turf II, October 14, 2000 (provided research for feast)
Pax Interruptus, July 8, 2000 (provided research for feast)
UWEKAT, January 2000 (provided research for feast)
AEthelmearc Spring Crown Tourney, May 13, 2000 (helped provide research & food for lunch)
College of Three Ravens, Feb. 5, 2000 (mentored head cook, provided losyns)
Pennsic AEthelmearc Royal Encampment, Aug. 15, 1999 (provided one day's breakfast & dinner)
Baronial Champs, May 15, 1999 (mentored head cook)
Christmas at the Castle, Dec. 5, 1998 (provided gnocci)
Sergeants and Yeomen, Sept. 26, 1998 (helped provide research & plan menu)
AEthelmearc Principality Twelfth Night, Jan. 11, 1997 (helped research lunch)
Brother Leonce Memorial Crusade, 1996? (prepared bread)